February 1 2016 | Planning Tips

Flowers are a key component of any wedding or reception, and New Orleans offers a number of flowers that are distinct and symbolic of the city. If you’d like to inject a little New Orleans beauty into your wedding décor, look out for these four superb local blossom choices.


As the state flower of Louisiana, magnolias are one of the most visible types of flowers in New Orleans. The blossoms are white with a delicate yellow pistil in the center, which makes them easy to incorporate into any number of wedding color schemes. Large, thick, and sturdy, these flowers could make a great addition to table centerpieces or other ideas you might have that can include the large white blossoms. These flowers are especially perfect for a summer wedding, when thousands of magnolia trees blossom throughout Louisiana.


From mid-spring through the fall, tropical hibiscus flowers bloom in a rainbow of vibrant colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, and pink, and some flowers express more than one color. The flower itself is funnel-shaped with a pistil as colorful as the petals themselves. This flower has become popular for New Orleanians and could fit in nicely with a color scheme of warm, bright hues. Hibiscus could be centerpieces, but they make beautiful additions to flower arrangements you set up around the venue as well.

louisiana irisLouisiana Iris

The Louisiana iris is another large, colorful flower and is the state’s official wildflower. The interbreeding of irises has produced a wide range of colors, but some of the most popular iris colors are shades of blue and purple. Natively, they’re often found in swamps and around lakes in the region. Because of their vast number of shades, this delicate blossom can be used to complement many wedding and reception decorative themes and could even be a lovely addition to the bride’s bouquet.


Gardenias, which thrive in New Orleans’ climate, are said to stand for hospitality and the grace of the southern lifestyle. Take a walk in the French Quarter or down St. Charles Ave and you may catch a whiff of a gardenia’s lovely scent as you pass. With fragrant white blossoms, these flowers are another perfect addition to any New Orleans reception or bridal bouquet—who wouldn’t love to smell those incredible flowers while walking down the aisle?

If New Orleans’ beauty could be contained in flowers, these would be the ones. To incorporate a little lagniappe into your wedding décor, be sure to ask your florist about including some of these local favorites.



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