May 1 2021 | Planning Tips

No so long ago, it wasn’t such a good idea to let family and friends be responsible for your wedding photography.  Point and shoot cameras just didn’t offer the quality required for such an important occasion and, even if you had a cousin with a great camera, the chances that they knew what shots were important to you were slim to none. Besides, you had to wait for the film to come home to see if they got pics of your bayou cousins or friends from grammar school.

Times have changed and in a good way. These days, you can get some pretty great photos, even with a smart phone. Still, even if you have one or two designated photographers at your wedding, you need to have a plan. Get a firm commitment from at least two people that they will be there with their cameras and will be taking the job seriously. The key to your success is making a list of the shots you want to have. Here’s a list to start with:

  • Shots of everyone getting ready/hair and makeup shots
  • Exteriors and interior shots of the church and/or reception space when empty and full
  • Shots of New Orleans architecture (Balconies, staircases, French doors, etc.)
The wedding dress on a hanger
  • The bride before the wedding
  • The groom before the wedding
  • Arriving at the church or venue
  • Your wedding bouquet
  • The cake and the groom’s cake
  • The rings
  • The first kiss as husband and wife
  • The first dance
  • Dad and bride
  • Your parents and grandparents
  • The little ones
  • The priest, minister, rabbi or officiant
  • Your best friends/childhood friends/work friends
  • The band or DJ
  • Exiting the church
  • Photos of the bride and groom being silly
  • Multi generation photos
  • A multi-generational wedding ring shot of you, your mother and your grandmother
  • Formal shots of your family, his family, and your united families
Welcome bags
  • Any signage, personalized cups or napkins
  • The food (this is New Orleans! Those mini muffulettas are ready for their closeup!)
  • Individual shots of the bridal party with the bride, groom or bothy

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