September 17 2019 | Planning Tips

Put a Few Ghosts on Your Guest List (They Don't Eat Much).

Has Halloween always been your favorite holiday? Ours, too! And we can’t think of anything more spooktacular than saying "I boo" in one of America’s most haunted cities on Halloween night. If you want to put a ghost or two on your guest list, choose one of the following venues. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, we can promise you a hauntingly beautiful ceremony or reception.

Honfleur at Hotel Provincial

This beloved French Quarter hotel is on USA Today's list of "The 13 Most Haunted Hotels in the World." It was used as a Civil War hospital and some say it's possessed by the spirits of wounded confederate soldiers. It's been reported that pools of blood appear on the floors and then magically disappear. We don't know how true this is but we can vouch for the fact that it's an awesome place to get married. Learn more about nuptuals at Honfleur here.

Court of Two Sisters

Nothing could separate Emma and Bertha Camors – the sisters Court of Two Sisters fame – not even death. Members of an aristocratic Creole family, they supplied the city’s finest ladies with gowns, lace and perfumes from Paris. They died within months of each other in the winter of 1944 and lie side by side at St. Louis Cemetery #3. Their ghosts have been sighted sitting together at the Court of Two Sisters late at night. As far as we know, no one has asked to take their order. Learn all about having your wedding at the Court of Two Sisters here.

Houmas House Plantation & Gardens 

In 1964, Houmas House was the setting of the Bette Davis psychological thriller, “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” about a girl who is made to believe she is being haunted by the harpsicord-playing ghost of her murdered lover. While the house has been beautifully restored since its Hollywood debut, some still claim it really is haunted by a riverboat captain; a gentle, 7-foot tall black man; and a young girl in a blue dress with a pink ribbon in her hair. (Need another flower girl?) Read about the spirits of Houmas House here. And discover more about this lovely plantation venue here.

House of Broel

They say once you experience the doll collection at the House of Broel, you’ll understand why people say this historic house is haunted. Built in two periods – Antebellum and High Victorian – this mansion is perfect for a Halloween wedding. Have your first dance together in the Mystic ballroom with its ornate chandeliers, mirrors and fireplaces. Explore this lovely wedding venue more here.

Napoleon House

While most will tell you that Napoleon House is haunted not by ghosts but by living writers and artists, tales of spirits in the 200+ year-old building persist. The Little Old Ladies Who Sweeps, the Lady in the Courtyard, the Old Sailor Who Drinks Bourbon…watch a video about the three ghosts who are believed to haunt the restaurant here. Then start planning your wedding here.

Tujague’s Restaurant

They say a cross-dressing ghost haunts Tujague’s, the city’s second oldest restaurant (Antoine’s is first). Julian Eltinge, an actor who starred in Aisle of Love with Rudolph Valentino and had his own a cosmetics line, was a regular at Madam Begue's (which became Tujague's). Apparently, Eltinge loved the food so much he never left. There are also reputed to be other ghostly entities there including Madam Begue, her husband and her husband’s second wife who were involved in a lover’s triangle. Read the ghost stories here and get details about having your wedding at Tujague’s here.