March 28 2021 | Planning Tips

There was a time when seeing a new bride and groom second lining down the streets of the French Quarter was a a fairly common occurrence. That, like so much else, fell by the waywide in 2020 along with the ability to have a wedding with more than 50 people.  Now, with the increase in vaccinations and the lowering of Covid-19 rates in our city, the restrictions have lessened.

Event venues, reception halls and hotel ballrooms are now allowed to host weddings and private parties for up to 150 individuals inside and 250 outdoors. If you've always dreamed of a New Orleans courtyard wedding with 250 of your closest friends, you can do it now. Keep in mind, however, that no second lines, dancing or buffets are allowed, and individuals must be able to maintain a six-foot distance. And, except when eating, drinking and, we suppose "kissing the bride," masks must be worn. There are rules for indoor entertainment, too.

These Modified Phase Three rules became effective as of April 2, 2021.  As they change, we'll let you know.


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