June 1 2021 | Planning Tips

A lot of fuss is always made about the wedding dress but the groom has some important decisions to make as well.  Primarily, will it be a tuxedo or suit? We asked the managers at John’s Tuxedos and Suits, one of the top places to go for men's wedding attire in the New Orleans area, what grooms need to consider while planning their wedding-day wardrobe. Here’s what they had to say.

First, This is Not Your Father’s Penguin Suit.

Andy Hunter, a manager at John’s Tuxedos and Suits, explained, "Tuxes today go beyond the Cary Grant or James Bond classic black-and-white. These days, grooms can choose from designer tuxedos in a variety of colors, including blue, gray, even purple, which is popular at Mardi Gras-themed weddings."  Andy added that Tropical Black Tie is also popular these days. "You’ve probably seen it on the red carpet," he said. "This look features a white dinner jacket over a white shirt with black pants and a black tie."

Choose What Works for You

Whether you wear a suit or a tux on your big day is completely up to you, but, according to John’s Tuxedos and Suits Manager Michael Bourgeois, you have to consider time of day. Michael said, "If you’ve planned a daytime wedding, a suit is more appropriate, but if your wedding begins during the day and ends in the evening, either a suit or a tuxedo works."

And then there’s the theme of your wedding. Is it backyard casual or are you renting a ballroom at a swanky New Orleans hotel? Will your bride be wearing a tea-length dress or is she going all out with a gown and train? "You're going to be a team now," Michael said. "You need to dress like one at your wedding."

Most importantly, however, you have to consider what you’ll be most comfortable in. Andy said, “If you haven’t worn a tux since your high school prom and figure, if not now when, go for it. The most important thing is that you look great and feel great.  You can look just as dapper in a tailored suit and you may get more use for it later on.”

Should You Rent or Buy?

Owning your own tuxedo doesn’t have the same cache it used to have but it might make more sense if you live in New Orleans where there are Mardi Gras balls and a lot of social activities that require black tie. Still, Michael pointed out, “While there are classic styles, what’s in now might not be in a couple of years. Plus, all John’s rental tuxes are wool so renting doesn’t mean choosing price over quality.”

Don’t Rent or Buy from a Chain.

The biggest difference between John’s Tuxedos and Suits and national chains is John's own their own inventory and everything is in stock. According to Michael, “if you come in for your tux and, for one reason or another, it’s just not working, we can make other options available to you immediately and we have seamstresses and tailors right here. With the chains, you get what you get. At John’s Tuxedos and Suits, you get what you want.”

What's more, John's Tuxedos and Suits has an impressive selection of designer suits and tuxes to choose from, including Ike Behar, Jean Yves, Kenneth Cole, Couture 1910, Michael Kors and more.

And, while in a perfect world, a groom should come in 2 to 4 months before the wedding, John’s Tuxedos and Suits can put something together for you for that night, if necessary, no matter what your price range.

“It all comes down to great service,” Andy said. “Getting married is stressful enough. We making buying or renting your tux or suit, an anxiety-free, even fun, experience.”

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