October 1 2018 | Planning Tips

Five Places to Say “Cheese” Before You Say “I Do.”

It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo in New Orleans (this city is always ready for her close up). That said, for engagement photos, you’re looking for a backdrop – a place that will put the focus on you, not it. Think of it in weddng terms: you’re the diamond, the location is the setting.

So put on an outfit you love (timeless is better than trendy), do your hair in a way that won’t embarrass you in ten years, and try to relax and have fun. Here are five failsafe locations:

  1. Under a Huge Live Oak, on the Peristyle or a Picturesque Bridge in City Park

  2. In a French Quarter Courtyard

  3. On the Steamboat Natchez

  4. On a Horse-Drawn Carriage

  5. At a Grand Plantation

Another option, of course, is to have your photo taken at a place that has special meaning to you. Where did you have your first date? Where did he pop the question? Where did you share that great makeup kiss?  If you can, choose a spot that is both beautiful and has meaning. 

Photo: houmashouse.com