June 9 2015 | Planning Tips

Wedding favors ensure your guests remember the great time they had at your wedding and reception, and if you’re throwing a New Orleans wedding, you can find plenty of localized favors that your guests won’t soon forget. Here are three ideas for New Orleans-themed wedding favors.

Themed Beads

Beads aren’t just for Mardi Gras parades. When styled right, they can make great party favors as well—particularly New Orleans wedding favors. These beads could be nicer varieties of traditional Mardi Gras beads or they could be specialized beads with hearts or wedding-themed pictures of a wedded couple or a car saying, “Just Married,” like the wedding bead selection from Beads by the Dozen. Your beads could have customized pendants with your names and wedding date on them, or you can go for a strictly New Orleans theme and have your beads feature a fleur de lis or Mardi Gras masks— even in your wedding color scheme!

Drink Coasters

Many people love having a drink or two (or more) when they’re in New Orleans, so what better way to send them home with something to remember your New Orleans wedding by than a drink coaster they can use whenever they want? Coasters can be made of a variety of materials depending on your budget, from wood and tile to stone and cork. They can also be personalized with your names and wedding date and iconic New Orleans symbols and pictures.


Pralines are a classic New Orleans sweet treat, one that will ensure your guests remember your New Orleans-themed wedding even after the big day has passed. Pralines often come individually wrapped, such as from New Orleans Famous Praline Company, which make them an easily accessible wedding favor. The pralines will stand up on their own, but if you’d like to personalize the favor further, you could print (or have printed) some elegant labels with your name, wedding date, wedding venue, or any other details you’d like printed to make the gift more memorable and customized.

New Orleans-themed weddings can get that extra oomph with classic locally-inspired favors your guests will want to grab more than one of on their way out of the reception. Try any of these wedding favors or other ideas that add a little local color to your wedding planning details.


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